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Our Ultrasound Phyics and Vascular Technology Practice Exams has questions relating to sound waves and blood supply to and from the tissues of the extremities and the vital organs of the body. Our OB/GYN questions will assist you in becoming an Obstetrician-Gynecologist who specializes in women's health.


Use our questions to help you study Ultrasound to examine the heart and see the structure and function of your unborn child's heart.


We have also included a common list of Measurements to our database and app. This allows you to quickly see a quick list of any measurements such as Adominal, Aorta, Thyroid and much more all in the palm of your hand. Also FLASH CARDS ARE HERE! Play on our website or our mobile apps!


SONOPASS - Pass your ARDMS exams the 1st time!

Study our Ultrasound Physics, Vascular Technology, Adult Echocardiography, and OB/GYN practice questions in one app! And the best part is that this is a community app for all ARDMS studying individuals where we can all pitch in and help each other pass these tests the first time! Our goal is to have thousands of questions/answers and this app will let you choose how many questions you want on your test/pre-test!

Our app provides startup questions for each category of Ultrasound Physics, Vascular Technology, Adult Echocardiography, OB/GYN, Measurements and more. Want more questions? No problem! Anyone who purchases this app can add their own questions/answers/images to our website. Need corrections to an existing question? No problem! Since all of our questions are in the SONOPASS Cloud, you simply notify us by telling us the QUESTION # and we will have the question corrected in minutes. Then you simply tap on the UPDATE QUESTIONS button inside our app and you have all new corrected questions!

Unlimited questions? Yes! For example, if a medical student anywhere in the world wants to add 20 more questions Ultrasound Physics category to help them study better, they simply go to our website, login and add as many questions/answers/images they like. Then the next time you go into our app, simply click the Update Questions button and presto! You will have these brand new questions and answers as well!

An internet connection is only needed to download new and updated questions. So imagine if 100 individuals add only 2 questions each, you will have 200 more questions/answers to study from! By working together can help you study better and pass the ARDMS exam the very first time! Also, all questions added from our website are reviewed and approved before you can download them. What makes SONOPASS apps even better? As you are probably already aware, many apps have the same answers in the same order for a particular question. No real learning there!

We also have SONOPASS FLASH CARDS! But our flash cards are much better! You can create an unlimited of flash cards here on our website and then download to our SONOPASS app! Plus you can test yourself here on our website and of course our app! You can selected which Flash Cards you want to test on, add as many as you want and they will be here safe and sound in our SONOPASS cloud!

But with SONOPASS, when you take any of our tests, the answers for every question are changed every time, so choice A, choice B, choice C and choice D will always be different for the same question if you re-take any of our tests! This will make you really learn the answer for a particular question.

What about the answers again? Randomized order in which the answers are presented each time a practice/final exam is taken, allowing you to take a different practice/final exam each time, virtually eliminating the chance of memorizing the questions and answers.

Plus SONOPASS allows you to MAKE YOUR OWN MOCK EXAM from our questions. Simply login at, select all your questions that you want to be tested on, from 1 question to a thousand questions, run our app and download and presto, you can take a practice mock exam with only the questions you have selected!

SONOPASS - Pass your ARDMS exams the 1st time!

Our Company


SONOPASS was created in 2017 for a reason, a very personal reason. We had two family members who had medical problems. One member of my family had a tubal ligation and became pregnant, and had pain in her abdomen. She went to the hospital and the sonographer identified blood in her uterus and noticed an ectopic pregnancy and because of this sonographer, she probably saved her life as she made her rush to a surgeon to perform surgery before it ruptured her tubes. The sonographer was so kind and so concerned and you could easily tell that she loved her job. On a second family member, a male had a mass on the testicles which he did not think much of. But because we have joined so many sonography groups and read so many posts about testicles and how cancer spreads so fast, especially to the lymph nodes, he became very eager to seek an ultrasound because of the great community of sonographers. Again, because of another sonographer, saved his life! Most doctors today cannot even do an ultrasound. They depend heavily on the sonographer and their skills to take the best photos, detail the dimensions and a confident/skilled sonographer can easily point out emergency problems. It is for these reasons we saw how important sonography is today and that is why we created SONOPASS... TO SAVE LIVES!!.

We also noticed most websites and mobile apps that help study for the ARDMS exams, have a series of questions/answers that are hard coded inside their apps. You cannot easily make a correction or even add a new study question. We then came up with the idea to have all test exams in the cloud, flash cards in the cloud, test results in the cloud, basically everything in the cloud! Now with everything in the cloud, students can easily make corrections, add new and unlimited questions/answers in the cloud and download/update their mobile app instantly!  With this great feature, we can assist companies and universities and even create a custom set of test questions and answers for anyone, any company and/or university!  With SONOPASS, the features are endless!

Our simple mission is to educate future sonographer students so they can pass their ARDMS exams. Exams we will be supporting are Ultrasound, Vascular, OBGYN, Adult Echo, Fetal Echocardiography, Pediatric Sonography, Pediatric Echo, and much, much more.  Plus, if you need a new category or a custom category, please contact us and we will be more than happy to add it to our cloud!


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Uploading questions

Please do your best not to upload any copyrighted questions from books, websites, etc.

We give our users the ability to upload any questions they like, but if you suspect there is any copyrighted data, please let us know and we will promptly remove that data.